Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Rich Man

This morning my electric shaver wasnt working. What a bumber. As a missionary I have to shave my face before I got out to serve. I had it plugged in all night, but it kept telling me it was out of batteries. I finally found the problem, it was the outlet. The outlet had stopped working. Everything that was plugged into it recieved no juice from it. Therefore, even though my electric razor was plugged in it would never get charged until the outlet put out electricity.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Because of My Mother

I am wetting the keyboard with my tears as I post this blog. My mother is the most courageous women I know. She is so strong and she does so much for her children. I'm sorry everyone but I've got the best mother in the entire world. I sob as I remember the pains I've probably caused her. However, I sob even harder when I read how far she has come. I never realized just who my mother was until I've read this. She is the greatest women on earth. I am so grateful for her. I am grateful for the missionaries who have taught her. I am grateful God has brought her and my father to a knowledge of the truth. I am a product of what my mother has done. Here is her conversion story:

Well here is my conversion story.  The whole time Dad and I dated we talked a lot about the church.  I had lots of questions--I couldn't believe he was mormon because of his lifestyle--I thought all mormons followed their beliefs.  We had one conversation that I remember because I was afraid if we ever got married that I would have to become mormon.  He told me he wanted me to at least look into the church and if I didn't believe it then he wanted to me to find a church because he wanted our family to be raised with a knowledge of the Savior.  He doesn't remember having this conversation ^-^.   We even went to church once while living in Denver--it was  a testimony meeting.  I was so afraid of talking in front of people and asked if I would have to do that--Dad assured me that I wouldn't have to if I didn't want to.

After we were married and living in Gallup, New Mexico, one day two missionaries appeared at our door.  Dad was at work so they made an appointment to come back when he was there.  I thought Aunt Pattie had something to do with it but Dad's boss was a bishop and he is the one who sent them our way.  That first meeting, I felt something, there was something about the missionaries that was different.  Their love of the gospel and of the Savior was amazing and so genuine.  I hated it when they had to go because it seemed that the spirit went with them.  I went through lots of missionaries but no baptism.  No one really asked me or if they did, I wasn't ready.  What they taught seemed to make sense.  We started going to church.  On one visit someone from the stake came with the missionaries and asked me a bunch of questions about the church.  Basically, he told me that I was ready to be baptized and asked if I would commit to it.  I said I would but that I wanted Dad to baptize me.  That was in April 1986 and missionaries had been coming to see me since August/September of 1985.  I hadn't read the Book of Mormon all the way through yet.  Things were sort of staus quo for awhile.  Dad quit drinking to get his life in order and missionaries kept teaching us or visiting.  Finally, an elder that was being transferred that I felt especially close to said it would be great if I would get baptized before he left--we had three days to get things ready.  He did everything.  I told my family, of course my mom thought I was doing it because of Peter.  I told her that it was my choice that Peter wasn't even that active that I was hoping to help him become more involved.  The day of my baptism right before the meeting was to start an elder interviewed me--I thought I wasn't going to get baptized for a minute.  He asked me if I had quit drinking and smoking.  I really hadn't although I wasn't doing those things at the time but I hadn't thought about quitting either so I was truthful.  The elder asked me to commit to giving it up and I said I would so I squeaked through. 

I think it took me so long to commit because I thought I had to be perfect before I could join the church and I knew that I wasn't.  Someone finally got it through my head that it was a process--that Heavenly Father didn't expect us to be perfect--that was why we were here was to learn.  I was afraid of giving up my lifestyle but I felt the spirit so strong and knew that it was right--I just had to act and put away my fears but I am slow.  I never jump into things.  I have to think things through before I decide.

When I came up out of the water, I truly felt reborn--that my sins had been washed away.  It was overwhelming and so joyous.  I had been given a second chance at life and I was so happy, so grateful.  There were tons of ward members there to share in the event.  We sang "I Am a Child of God" and Bishop Wise spoke (Dad's boss).  We were friends with his family too.  Several ward members had us over for dinner after that and the ward truly welcomed us in.  I had quit drinking and smoking, I was going to change.  Lots happened after that, I was asked to speak in church--I was scared to death but I couldn't say no--I always felt compelled to do what my leaders asked.  After my talk in church which I related to running, I was called to the Young Women's presidency.  Then I became pregnant with Jonathan.  Dad and I were not extremely good about going to church--we still skied on Sunday's sometimes but things settled down more after I got pregnant and we were starting our family.

When we moved to Kemmerer, I took the new member discussions there from a couple who were called as stake missionaries.  I learned more about the temple through their lessons and I decided then that I wanted to go to the temple.  I told Dad that I wanted to do that and that I would wait for him to be ready.  He was still drinking on occasion.  I got rid of all my short shorts and tank tops (anything immodes) so that I would be ready for garments when I went through.  Well, I had to wait until 1992 to go but it was worth it.

I have always felt that Heavenly Father brought Dad and I together so that I could hear the gospel; so that I could help him come back and that we could go to the temple.  I don't miss my old life in the least--I am so ashamed of it now.  As a child, I was always searching.  I wanted to go to church whenever I could.  I would walk from school in the third grade to attend a weekly bible study class where these two old ladies told bible stories.  I loved the stories.  I would go with my grandma Miller whenever she would take me.  For a while when I was in the 6th grade mom would take us to a church to go to Sunday School--she would never go but she dropped us off.  I would go with friends to their churches whenever they invited me.  I don't know why I didn't just go on my own when I got older--by then when I could drive I was too wild and crazy to think about God.  I didn't want to think about him then because I was doing so many things wrong.  When the truth was finally presented to me, I knew it, I felt it and I was ready to accept it.

The gospel does change lives--the Savior made it possible for us to have a chance.  Keep looking for those who are searching David.  They are just waiting for the truth to come to them.

Love you,


It is because my mother made this decision that I am on a mission. One conversion makes a difference.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weeding Your Garden

Ever since I can remember, my family has always had a garden in our back yard. We grew corn, green beans, tomatoes, carrots, and we even had a raspberry patch. Everything tastes better when you grow it on your own. However, eating the food is not what I remember most about having a garden. The thing I remember most is having to weed it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Follow The Prophet

How many of you remember where you were before you were born? Have you ever wondered what the purpose of life is? What are we doing on this world anyways? Why can we smell, hear, see, and reason? Why do we feel sad when something bad happens? Where do we go after we die? Why are we here? Where do we find the answers to life's greatest questions?

Friday, January 7, 2011

Overcoming Lifes Hurdles

Back in high school I did track and field. I'm not an amazing runner and I never have been. I never liked running. In fact it was the reason I stopped playing basketball because they made us run too much in practice. However, the track coach talked me into joining the team.

Since I cant run if my life depended on it, I decided to give the hurdles a try. I immediately fell in love with them. Dont ask me how it works, but I just ran faster with something in my way. I got smoked in the 100meter dash or any dash at all, but I could take on the best in the 110hurdles. Placing an obstacle in my path made me run that much faster. Because of those 10 hurdles, running became one of my favorite things to do. Without them I would have quit sports forever.

I seem to look on life in the same way. As we go throughout our day we face obstacles. Oftentimes these cause us to stumble, but only if we let them. However, if we have the faith these moments can push us to run faster. With each obstacle we have the opportunity to grow and to exercise our faith. God places these experiences in our lives to give us these opportunities. He knows we can run faster if we have hurdles to overcome. He knows that without these we cannot progress.

Dont ever give up in life. Have faith that these experiences will expell you forward. Trust that God will help you. I know that if we do these things that we will be stronger. Our lives will be full of joy, and we will learn to smile in times of trial. They are given for our good.

I invite everyone to join the hurdle team and see how fast you can run. Below is a great talk by a General Authority about Adversity.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Are Our Fathers Children

In church last Sunday a young women got up and bore her testimony. As part of her testimony she told a touching story her relationship with God. She grew up without a Father. Her mother was very young when she was born and quite unprepared for the challenge of parenthood. One night while her mother was in distress she said a prayer over her. She said something like this, "God, if you are there, my child has no father she will need you to fill this role for her. Will you please look after my daughter."

As she grew up she felt like Heavenly Father was always there for her. She said that she had a close relationship with Him because of her situation. When the missionaries told her that God was her Father she had known it all her life. She got baptized and has been a faithful member for all her life.

This story really hit home. We have a Father who watches over us all the time. We have a Father who we can talk to whenever we are in need. That Father is God. We are His children. What a sweet message. I hope we all recognize our divine potential as an heir to all He has. This life is a lot easier the sooner we understand this relationship.

God lives. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us. He is our Father. He loves us and will never lead us astray. Visit to find out more about the Plan our Heavenly Father has for us.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Picking Favorites

There are four kids in my family. I have an older brother named Jon who is 23 years old. He is getting his Masters in Accounting up in the University of Montana. I have a younger sister who is 20 years old who goes to school in Butte. She wants to be an engineer. Then is the youngest Ethan who is an 18 year old stuck at home alone with our parents. Let me give you a run down on how the family is: