Friday, January 7, 2011

Overcoming Lifes Hurdles

Back in high school I did track and field. I'm not an amazing runner and I never have been. I never liked running. In fact it was the reason I stopped playing basketball because they made us run too much in practice. However, the track coach talked me into joining the team.

Since I cant run if my life depended on it, I decided to give the hurdles a try. I immediately fell in love with them. Dont ask me how it works, but I just ran faster with something in my way. I got smoked in the 100meter dash or any dash at all, but I could take on the best in the 110hurdles. Placing an obstacle in my path made me run that much faster. Because of those 10 hurdles, running became one of my favorite things to do. Without them I would have quit sports forever.

I seem to look on life in the same way. As we go throughout our day we face obstacles. Oftentimes these cause us to stumble, but only if we let them. However, if we have the faith these moments can push us to run faster. With each obstacle we have the opportunity to grow and to exercise our faith. God places these experiences in our lives to give us these opportunities. He knows we can run faster if we have hurdles to overcome. He knows that without these we cannot progress.

Dont ever give up in life. Have faith that these experiences will expell you forward. Trust that God will help you. I know that if we do these things that we will be stronger. Our lives will be full of joy, and we will learn to smile in times of trial. They are given for our good.

I invite everyone to join the hurdle team and see how fast you can run. Below is a great talk by a General Authority about Adversity.

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  1. Its so true! our life is full of hurdles to overcome! but with God on our side, we can do anything we put our minds too!