Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Almost Is Not Enough

Right before I came on my mission I found out that I had Celiacs disease. The only cure: don't eat food containing Gluten! I did just that. I gave up Gluten in my diet, or so I thought. I have recently discovered that my Celiacs disease restricts me more than I thought. I couldnt believe all the stuff that Gluten is in. At first I was reluctant to eliminate all the foods I was supposed to be avoiding. I have already given up everything that I used to enjoy and now I was asked to give up even more. It was difficult to act even though I was promised that I would feel healthier once I kept the diet. I didnt feel like my health was too bad anyways. I was feeling great. At the constant nagging of my companion, however, I was convinced to go all the way.

The results were not immediate. I woke up the next day and felt the same as I normally did. If it werent for my companion I would have quit right then and there, but I kept living the diet. After a couple of days my health began to improve. I began to feel more energized and the complexion in my face began to change. I could think clearer and it was much easier to concentrate. Because I went Gluten free all the way I have been blessed with great health and I'm much happier.

There is always something more we can be doing in life to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father. While on this earth we all suffer from spiritual Celiacs. We all are alergic to sin. Whenever we make a bad choice we poison ourselves and our spirits are grieved. The cure: stop making bad choices because "wickedness never was happiness" (Alma 41:10)

When I go shopping for food I dont buy food with Gluten in it. Common sense right? Similarly one way to avoid sin is to not surround yourself with temptation. If you place yourself in a situation where you will be tempted you are in essence shopping for food that you are allergic to. That doesnt make much sense does it? So don't move yourself into a position where the adversary has home court advantage.

Also, the longer I'm Gluten free the more I know what I can and cant eat. Thus, the longer you avoid sin the easier it is for you to make correct choices. Through experience we can learn right from wrong.

Before I choose to eat anything I first look at the labels to see if there is anything in my food that contains Gluten. Before you make any decision you should look to the scriptures and the words of the prophets. They are the labels for our lives. They teach us the commandments and how to live a happy life. Through them we can know what is good for us and what is bad for us. Aren't you grateful God put a label on life so we can see the ingredients! It would be foolish not to look at them. If in doubt, search the scriptures.

Reccounting my recent experience we sometimes may not feel the difference immediately. The commandments are the same way. Righteousness is a lifelong pursuit. The longer we live the commandments the stronger we become. Richard G. Scott of the 12 Apostles stated: "A consistent, righteous life produces an inner power and strength that can be permanently resistant to the eroding influence of sin and transgression." The longer I live my diet the better I feel. You may not feel the difference at first, but the blessings do come.

I'm so thankful that I've found out that I have this disease. I was sick but I didnt know it. So many people are sick and they dont know the cure. My whole life I ate things with Gluten. I lived with it. Life was good. Nevertheless, I still had Celiacs. Thats something I can never deny. Had I kept eating like that I would have suffered permanent damage. Everyone needs to know they are sinning. It is so important. If they dont find out they will suffer because they know not the truth.

For those who think they can choose to live only certain commandments you are damaging yourself spiritually. Gluten is Gluten no matter what it is in. Almost living the diet is not enough. I'm still poisoning myself. It is the same with Sin. It is so important to strive to live all the commandments. We forfiet the blessings when we choose not to live certain commandments.

I hope we all choose to live the Celiac way and keep the diet. Avoid sin. Choose to live righteously. I know that as you do you will be happy and you will recognize more and more the importance of keeping the commandments.


  1. Love this post. Truly, the commandments are there to set us free, to help us feel better about ourselves and others. I have seen how much my life has been blessed by chosing to be as "gluten-free" as possible.

    ... by gluten I mean sin. I dont think I could ever give up gluten, I love my gluten! Sorry Elder Mahrt.

  2. I love this post too!!!!!! I was just thinking today... What would I give up to know God better? I want to give up ALL my sins. Thanks, Elder Mahrt! I don't know who your companion is... but would you please tell him thank you! I am so grateful to him for watching out for you, and encouraging you to stay all the way gluton free? I want you to be healthy and happy!

  3. Such a great analogy! I loved how you pointed out that you didn't even know you were not healthy until you became healthy. I think our sins bog us down in the same way, and the only way we can know the difference in how we feel is to give the Atonement a try.