Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Vacaville Saints

Well since I am leaving Vacaville tomorrow I have decided to write today about the people of Vacaville who have been angels in my life. Miracles have happened every day. I list only a few of the many that I have been blessed to witness and be a part of in my short stay with the Vacaville Saints.

Back in January there was a family who needed to be out of their house by the end of the weekend. They had no one to help them move their furniture or clean. Everyone who was supposed to be there had bailed. The person who owned the house was a single mother who works two jobs and has two kids. We walked into the situtation and after one phone call help was there. The next morning a dozen people showed up to help move. No one knew the woman or her family, but there everyone was with two trucks and a trailer. In a few hours all of the furniture was moved into the new house. A few nights later four Sisters from the ward showed up to help deep clean the inside and get it ready for rent. The mother was overwhelmed with gratitude. A miracle occured.

For four and a half months the Relief Society sisters of the ward became professionals at searching labels. As if the burden of having to cook for the Elders wasnt enough, the food had to be Gluten-free. I'm so grateful for all the mothers who slaved away in the kitchen and on the computer to prepare food for a young man on a mission. This was a miracle to me.

The Young Womens room was packed with members who came to witness the baptism of Cera King. The Young Women then sang a beautiful song that brought the spirit powerfully into the room. All were in tears. What a great miracle! A young women entering the waters of baptism and a ward family close by with arms outstretched to welcome her.

Bruce Jensen baptized his wife Susan Jensen on March 7th, 2011.

The Young men prepared a special tray of sacrament bread in order to provide for my specific dietary needs. Each week the tray of Gluten-free bread (home-made by Sister Weinzinger) was passed to everyone on the stand. The deacon would then pin point where I was sitting and would make sure I partook of the sacrament. What faithful priesthood holders! I'm grateful for this simple miracle these young men performed in my life.

13 Baptisms total in 2011 for the Vacaville Stake. On track to double converts from last year.

A humble blind man said his first prayer.

A ward council worked together to produce a working Top 15. A program that focuses on conversion and reactivation efforst within the ward. A program that will bless the lives of many as it continues to progress and meet the needs of those of Gods children who have been selected.

Every priest-age young man handed out a Book of Mormon. Some handed out up to four copies of the Book of Mormon to their friends.

A young woman invited her friend to be taught by the missionaries. A poweful lesson was taught with the acceptance of a future baptismal date. The same young women has handed out many copies of the Book of Mormon to friends.

Young men came out EVERY week to support us in our missionary efforts and to add their testimony to our teaching appointments.

Every Young Women pondered and prayed about a friend that they wanted to share the gospel with. They wrote their names down on a pass along card and agreed to work with the missionaries to focus their efforts on sharing the gospel with their friend.

A Young women moved in with her Grandmother and began attending church at the first of the year. She agreed on the first lesson to be baptized. Since the first lesson she has attended seminary every morning and she refuses to miss a day of church. What a blessing that move was.

Every ward in the Vacaville stake has had a baptism this year.

These are only a few that I have the time to write this evening. The list could go on and on. With each new area are new faces and new experiences. I'm forever grateful for everyone who has helped me in my life. It is true that you recieve more blessings from the Lord than you can ever repay. Thank you Vacaville Saints for being angels in the lives of many. We are all family.

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